Marina Comparato, Elisa Triulzi
Brilliant Classics 1cd


“Actually Viardot (née Pauline Garcia) was an important personality in the cultural life of her time. Though she was born in Paris, her family originated from Spain: her father was the famous Manuel Garcia, tenor and singing teacher, and her sister was soprano Maria Malibran, acquired fame under her husband’s last name.

Viardot studied piano with Franz Liszt, played in duo with Clara Schumann, and as a singer she was a mezzo, very appreciated by musicians and audience. She was also friend of Chopin, George Sand, Saint-Saëns, Berlioz, Turgeniev, and her salon in Paris was a meeting point for musicians as well as for men of letters.

She was also a composer, and in this CD Marina Comparato presents us with compositions that Viardot wrote from Chopin’s Mazurkas, with only little adjustments and adaptations of a text to the singing line. Moreover, in this disc we find very nice works written by Viardot in salon music style, characterized by a gentle and tenderly melancholic vein.

Marina Comparato performs these arias in an excellent way, with class, intelligence and fine sensitivity, allowing us to discover some forgotten gems. Her accomplished naturalness in singing and the elegance in expressing the musical phrases are the most evident characteristics of this CD.

Pianist Elisa Triulzi seems to keep to the sidelines, but she’s able to support the singer with absolute naturalness.”


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