“SUSTAIN” An innovative project for culture

SUSTAIN” is born as an idea of Mariachiara Verrignand Luca Ricci. Based on the structure of a virtuous system due to build cultural production, under the name of sustainability, to trigger a real economy of culture.

SUSTAIN” comes to live on this very first experimental edition thanks to the collaboration between Acquasparta’s City Hall,  Association “I quattordici metri quadri”, Association “Naiadi” and the synergy between renowned musicians and professionals in communication, production and music industry.

SUSTAIN” aims to build a sustainable scheme to realize a cultural project where everyone involved will have a fair compensation from his own commitment. Following a strong European groove, “SUSTAIN” enhances each and every resource in the economy of the project by optimizing abilities and tools of every partner. Thus giving a real economic value to each element of the mechanism and building an economic structure which is competitive and self sufficient.


How does it work?

SUSTAIN” starts on August 2012 when a group of professional musicians, with the support and collaboration of the Association “I quattordici metri quadri”, requires to record an album in the San Francis’ Auditorium in Acquasparta that features a great acoustic and a Yamaha C7 piano. The City Hall from Acquasparta gives the free use of the Auditorium for 3 days for each of the recordings.

“I quattordici metri quadri” manages and coordinates the project and guarantees the access to the instruments and the spaces, also gives assistance to the artist while recording.

 The target is to produce three music CD for international distribution. Today those CDs have already been recorded and soon will be released on the real market.

Acquasparta’s City Hall will be mentioned in the credits of the albums which be distributed in Europe and north America.

Once recordings are over the artists commit to create a season of concerts in Acquasparta: “SUSTAIN”, which is realized with the support and management of the Associations “I quattordici metri quadri” and “Naiadi” .

SUSTAIN” brings a set of classical music events of high quality featuring international artists to a wide audience at an affordable price, for everybody. Concerts are scheduled to avoid overlapping with other important seasons.

 The revenues of the tickets will cover the budget of the management, marketing and advertisement and everybody who contributed to the project.

SUSTAIN” will communicate using the same philosophy on which the project is based on. Therefore the main medium to spread the word of mouth will be the relationship among people using viral videos, a social media campaign, a press conference and an active pr network. Everything is aimed to highlight the importance of a sustainable culture as result of a virtuous process that effects also the economic area.



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